The Vi’Odala race was quite different in its infancy than it is today. Early Vi’Odalan culture was rooted in beautiful artistic creation of all types, such as carvings, tapestries, paintings, and more. The Vi’Odalan culture was largely eradicated through subjugation and near genocide by the Arkaathi. Having been robbed of their freedom and culture through hundreds of years of Arkaathi enslavement, the Vi’Odalan slave caste was eventually cast off by their Arkaathi masters, forced to live a parasitic existence alongside the failed experimental race, the Tulasi. The Vi’Odalans were eventually instrumental in instigating a massive rebellion, aided secretly by the Karda, and then bolstered by the Kytani. Unlike the Tulasi and the Kytani, once the Arkaathi empire fell the Vi’Odala fled to reclusive locations.

Reclusive and extremely territorial, the Vi’Odala have broken up into small fractured tribes who eke out a minimalist existence within various inhospitable areas. From deep forests, to fetid swamps and barren deserts the Vi’Odala protect their new homelands with a devout fervor. Ever so often a Vi’Odalan tribe will find the long forgotten remains of their former civilization, though these findings are most often shunned by superstition or other complex emotions.

It is rare for a Vi’Odalan to leave their sheltered home territories to venture out into the world beyond, though it has occasionally happened. Whether due to to the clan being decimated and the sole survivors being scattered, or the uncommon circumstances of a positive interaction with a member of another race, Vi’Odalans found outside of their natural surroundings rarely feel at ease.

Vi’Odala Racial Traits

  • +2 Str, +2 Wis, -4 Int: Vi’Odalans tend to be physically powerful as well as possessing a fierce cunning. They lack any sort of formal education or training
  • Medium: Vi’Odalans are medium creatures and received no bonuses or penalties based on size
  • Fast Speed: Vi’Odalans have a base speed of 40ft
  • Defensive Training: Vi’Odala characters gain a +4 dodge bonus to AC against Arkaathi foes
  • Fearless: Vi’Odalan characters gain a +2 racial bonus against fear effects
  • Cornered Fury: Vi’Odala characters are fierce and determined combatants. If a Vi’Odalan is down to half HP or less, they gain +2 to attack rolls and AC
  • Bond to the Land: Choose a ranger’s favored terrain. +2 bonus to AC in that terrain
  • Camouflage: +4 bonus to stealth in bonded land
  • Stalker: All Vi’Odalan characters treat perception and stealth as class skills


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