The Verashki originate in the craggy foothills at the base of the Tari mountains. Close to the natural metal deposits that the mountains are rich with, and having a plentiful source of docile animals, the Verashki were free to pursue higher endeavors. Those endeavors were the pursuit of physical perfection through trials of battle. The Verashki civilization highly values honouable combat and physical prowess. Highly tribal, the Verashki war leaders are constantly clashing in bloody skirmishes with each other to test their soldiers and garner more for their clan. Despite the inevitable deaths that occur in these clashes, they are almost never motivated by malice nor is there resentment. Quite the contrary, Verashki have a strong sense of racial loyalty to each other. Verashki are usually so focused on their own internal combats that they have few designs on territorial expansions. They will unite wholly to repel any armies intent on crossing their orders, but the only time Verashki armies are seen en masse outside their own borders is when they are providing mercenary services.

Despite the high value the Verashki place on their warriors, they still greatly respect the value of skilled craftsman, as well as the farmers and other roles that support their society. As a result of this, every Verashki is required to start at the bottom position in the societal caste system and work their way up through personal accomplishments in battle. This results in a society of warriors who all have the humility having served in what would be considered a lower position, and a population who is always striving to better themselves through service to their clan.

While it is typical for Verashki youth to test themselves against other Verashki, it is not uncommon for Verashki to leave their homelands to seek challenges and glory throughout the larger world. Verashki mercenaries are often highly regarded by any seeking to swell their ranks with fierce and powerful warriors. Some Verashki also leave their homelands because they are not as military minded as their kin and seek a different type of existence.

Verashki Racial Traits

  • +2 Str, +2 Dex, +2 Con, +4 Cha, -2 Wis: The Verashki are prime specimens who are born for battle and bred to be great leaders. Their narrow focus is reflected in a generally lack of common sense
  • Medium: Verashki are medium and gain no bonuses or penalties based on size
  • Normal Speed: Verashki move at 30ft
  • Flexible Bonus Feat (Combat) Verashki are trained for battle at a young age and as a result, all Verashki gain 1 bonus combat feat
  • Defensive Training: Due to the heavy combat training, all Verashki gain a +2 dodge bonus to AC


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