The Tari are a diminutive race of mountain dwellers who reside in isolated monasteries. The Tari live a communal lifestyle free of any sort of material wealth or currency. The Tari generally are atheistic and instead believe in pursuing perfection of self. Many Tari practice martial arts as there is not an abundance of natural resources to craft into weapons. The Tari are extremely agile and have a mastery of mobility within their mountain homes. They have an unmatched skill in climbing and jumping. Despite their xenophobic nature, they have a long-standing, strong relationship with the broods of giant eagles that live within the same mountains, treating them as peers as well as mounts. They have a grudging alliance with the Verashki who provide a buffer between them and the outside world. They will occasionally engage in trade with both the Verashki and the Karda, though they do so reluctantly.

Natural introverts, the Tari have a strong sense of duty to each other and will go to great lengths to aid one another. This protectiveness even extends to the Giant Eagles with whom the Tari have an incredibly strong bond to. It’s not uncommon for Tari to form a familial bond with specific broods of Eagles, and to share a residence.

As Xenophobic and withdrawn from the world as most Tari are, there are the occasional rare cases of a Tari desiring to see the world beyond their mountain homes. Even more rare, some Tari are exiled from the mountain homes for their actions or different natures.

Tari Racial Traits

  • +2 Dex, +2 Wis, -2 Cha: The Tari are very agile and have deveoped a culture that promotes introspection and common sense. Their xenophobic nature makes them distant and aloof
  • Small: Tari are small and gain a +1 size bonus to AC and attack rolls, a -1 to combat maneuver checks and CMD and +4 size bonus to stealth
  • Slow speed: Smaller and more contemplative, Tari move at a speed of 20ft. They have a climb speed of 20ft and gain a +8 bonus to climb checks
  • Mountain Born: Tari characters gain a +2 racial bonus to acrobatics checks to cross narrow ledges and +2 on saving throws against altitude fatigue
  • Nimble Faller: All Tari land on their feet when falling even if they have damage from the fall. They also gain +1 CMD from trip attempts
  • Skilled Jumpers: All Tari are always considered to have a running start when making an acrobatics check to jump
  • Mountaineer: Tari are immune to altitude sickness and do not lose their AC bonus when making climb checks or acrobatic checks to jump
  • Feat Bonuses: All Tari gain Weapon Finesse and Acrobatics feats for free at 1st level


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