The Arkaathi are arguably the oldest race on Oliera, or at least the race with the oldest recorded history. Gifted with innate magical talents not seen in many other races, the Arkaathi were able to peacefully subjugate several of their counterparts, absorbing various parts of other cultures into their own. The Arkaathi marched across the continent, spreading their wealth, influence and population everywhere they went. They founded many villages, towns and sprawling cities before finally coming to a halt as they reached the massive jungle homelands of the Cyri which led to an all-out war, and coupled with the Kytani and Vi’Odala slave uprising, brought them low.

The Arkaathi were the first race to develop innate magical talents, and using that, uncovered the secrets of the magical weave surrounding the natural world. They discovered that utilizing the rare element Thylissium harvested from the bodies of other magical creatures, they could create all manners of magical ability. They eventually mastered this arcane source, and taught it to their most trusted Kytani slaves, a move that was likely instrumental in the Kytani eventually overthrowing them.

Since the fall of the Arkaathi empire, the Arkaathi are a shattered and scattered race. Small pockets of Arkaathi villages, towns and cities still exist, though they are rare, and often the target of attacks from nearby Vi’Odala and Cyri attacks. The Tulasi still have a slavish dedication to their creators and will often serve willingly as fodder for any who would fight the Arkaathi. Small groups of Arkaathi are actively working on ingratiating themselves to their former slave races by attempting to integrate into other societies. The success has been relatively low, but strides have been made in several Kytani communities. The Vi’Odala however are much slower to forgive, and the Cyri may harbor an eternal blood hatred towards them. Arkaathi Racial Traits

  • +2 Int, +2 Cha, -2 Wis: Arkaathi tend to be very scholarly and charismatic, though their hubris tends to affect their common sense
  • Small: Arkaathi are small creatures and gain +1 size bonus to their AC, a +1 bonus on attack rolls, a -1 penalty to CMB and CMD, and +4 to stealth
  • Slow Speed: Arkaathi have a base speed of 20ft
  • Defensive Training: Years of military training and conquest have ingrained the Arkaathi with an almost supernatural ability in combat. All Arkaathi gain a +2 dodge bonus to AC
  • Beguiling Liar: Naturally charismatic and believable, all Arkaathi gain a +4 bonus to bluff checks when telling a lie
  • Gregarious: The Arkaathi possess a natural charm and wit that allows them to easily win the confidence of those around them. When an Arkaathi successfully uses diplomacy to positively influence a creature, that creature takes a -2 resist all Cha based skills for 24 hours
  • Emissary: Once per day an Arkaathi can roll twice on a bluff or diplomacy check and take the higher of the two rolls
  • Spell-like Abilities (Arkaathi with Int 11 or higher):Born with a touch of the magical weave within them, most Arkaathi have a bit of innate magical ability.
    1/day – Enthrall, Comprehend Languages, Detect Magic, Detect Poison, Read Magic


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