Oliera has several races that walk its surface. The most significant of all of the races, in terms of world history, and cultural and magical breakthroughs are the fierce and expansionist Arkaathi.

The once benign, and now tragically scattered Aghari also can be found, though they have been driven from their rocky plains, and wonder the lands in scattered bands, stealing and raiding where they can.

The Vi’Odala, once worshipped for their advanced art and culture, now reduced to a race lacking a unifying identity, turning to savagery and tribal warfare.

The Kytani enslaved and brought to racial maturity through integration to Arkaathi society, now desperately seeking to find their own identity, spread among the ruins of their former masters.

The Verashki are a military minded race, broken down into feudalistic society, constantly warring with each other to better themselves, and only uniting against outside threats.

The Karda are traditionally wanderers, traveling via caravan throughout the Verashki lands, serving the various warbands as scouts, spies, go betweens and merchants.

The Hundar are a seafaring race, who make their home on a large isolated island, and rule the ocean and coasts of the continent of Vestas.

The Tari are a reclusive, mountain dwelling race, living in isolated stone monasteries, striving to find self awareness.

The Tem are a dark and mysterious race, inhabiting the deepest recesses of caves, forests and anywhere else they can work from the shadows.


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