The Cyri were once a reclusive jungle dwelling race, similar in physiology to the Arkaathi though they tend to be stockier and hairier than the Arkaathi. Because both races have history that goes back to around the same time and their pantheon is so similar, most scholars theorize that the two are related. Despite the similarities, the Arkaathi and the Cyri are mortal enemies. They Cyri were the victims of an incredible tragedy when the Arkaathi unleashed a magical cataclysm that all but destroyed their jungle homeland. The only thing that saved the Cyri from genocide was a thick layer of magical dampening stone; the Cyri had learned of the impending attack from Karda spies and began collectively excavating massive underground structures to protect them from the oncoming assault. Both sides suffered terrible losses, though the Arkaathi losses were far more significant. The Cyri stayed underground for over a century waiting for the residual effects of the magical cataclysm to subside. When the Cyri finally returned topside they were devastated to find that their lush jungle was replaced by a desolate desert, in many places still showing the effects of a magical devastation.

The Cyri tend to have low birth rates leading to smaller immediate families. In order to increase their survival within their harsh desert homelands they form tight knit tribes, competing with other tribes over basic means of survival. Because of the harsh desert that makes their home, the Cyri rarely have any contact, either violent or benign, outside of the occasional Karda merchant groups, or Hundar sailors looking to trade for the few resources only found within their deserts.

Because of the tight knit tribe nature and the delicate balance for survival, it is very rare for a Cyri to leave their homeland, though being the lone survival of a tribe, or the rare instances in which a tribe population grows to big to properly share resources are common enough occurrences to drive the Cyri out into the broader world. Very often Cyri who leave in groups of two or more will find the leisurely life outside of their desert to be much more suitable to raise a proper family, and thus as the generations pass, more Cyri are found throughout the continent.

Cyri Racial Traits

  • +2 Con, +2 Wis, -2 Int: The Cyri have had struggle and adapt to survive which has made them hardy and cunning but affected their pursuit of knowledge
  • Medium: Cyri are medium sized and have no bonuses or penalties based on size
  • Normal speed: Cyri move at a speed of 30ft
  • Desert Runner: Cyri characters have a +4 racial bonus on Con checks and Fort saves to avoid fatigue and exhaustion as well as any other ill effects from running, forced marches, starvation, thirst, and hot or cold environments
  • Natural Armour: Due to their sun drenched and sand scoured leathery skin, Cyri gain a +1 to natural armour
  • Stubbon: Inherently stubborn, Cyri gain a +2 racial bonus on Will saves to resist enchantment (charm) or (compulsion) spells. If a Cyri fails, it makes a second check one round later to end the effect
  • Lesser spell resistance: Due to centuries of exposure to Deadrock, Cyri are inherently resistant to spells and gain SR 6 +character level
  • Hatred: Cyri have an eternal hatred of Arkaathi and Tulasi and gain a +1 bonus to attack roles against foes of those types
  • Lifebound: Cyri cling to life with an unmatched tenacity and gain a +2 bonus on all saving throws to resist death effect, saving throws vs negative energy effects, saves to restore negative levels, and checks to stabilize when dying


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