Tin’Ashe is a Vio’dala druid of the Ermine Clan. As a forest warden he was often the one to journey to Marivale, wilder camps, and to other Vio’dala territory on missions of aid and trading. His time dealing with Kytani has left him quite friendly towards non-Vi’odalan races. His wanderlust and acceptance of outsiders has left him a bit apart from his tribe, which tends to be somewhat xenophobic. Nevertheless, he has always remained a valued and welcome member.

He met young Anadelle in the forest near Marivale while he was in the area as she was collecting herbs. He began to help her and also taught her about plants known as beneficial among Vio’dala. They forged a close friendship that bloomed into an ongoing romance. It was difficult for Tin’Ashe when his affair with Anadelle began to wane. Her pregnancy and subsequent caring for an infant restricted her freedom to leave the village.

As their daughter Avora grew up and began to take on more responsibility and venture outside of the village walls on errands and chores, Tin’Ashe would try to keep an eye on her from afar to see how she was growing up. One day when Avora was about 15, Tin’Ashe witnessed her free a badger that had been ensnared in a trap. She performed the task with such skill and compassion that he approached her and they began to develop a relationship. He taught her about her Vio’dala heritage and helped her discover how to draw on the magic of the forest. Avora has now begun to fully follow her father’s druidic footsteps.


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