Eluric Vu'kon


Grew up as a refugee with parents.

Family Composition:
Both parents alive, four siblings.

Famous Ancestry:
Settled here from faraway.

Concepts 1:
Boring. You believe your childhood was completely uninteresting, changing facts to liven it up.

Concepts 2:
Fickle. You are never with the choice and often change your taste at whim.

Concepts 3:
Joker. You like to play practical jokes on your companion.

Concepts 4:
Patriotic. You respect and admire the local government. You don’t like seditious speech.

Concepts 5:
Rival. You have a rival of the same class and general level. You’re always trying to out do each other.

Motivation 1:
Complete a mission.

Motivation 2:
Eliminate a threat.

Motivation 3:
Establish a relationship.

Motivation 4:
Gain an award.

Motivation 5:
Make someone sad.

Motivation 6:
Regain someone’s affections.

Motivation 7:
Set an example.

Common rites of passage:
Naming ceremony.

Quirks 1:
Allergic to an animal or plant.

Quirks 2:
Obsessive about certain foods.

Features 1:
Body piercings cover face and chest.

Features 2:
Picks teeth incessantly.

Superstition and Taboo:
If a dead person’s eyes are left opened, he will find someone to take with him.

Being last in the your party alive in an ancient castle, isolated and alone.

Monomaniacal. Obsession with one idea or subject.

Sciophobia. Shadows.

Collecting items.

Animals, pets.

Collections 1:
Foreign items.

Collections 2:

Moon and three stars.

Tattoos (basic shapes):
Good outsider.

Tattoos (common details) 1:
Heart with a dagger through it.

Tattoos (common details) 2:
Human or Orc skull.

Tattoos (unusual):
Number of a mercenary company. Faded.

Tattoos (magical):
Silvan ruins on stomach.

Virtues 1:

Virtues 2:

Vices 1:

Vices 2:

Battle cries 1:
Bring it on!

Battle cries 2:
On guard!

Colorful phrases 1:
For the love of gods (exclamation)

Colorful phrases 2:
You’ll see the daisy-digger (you’re going to be dead and buried soon)

Eluric Vu'kon

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