Avora is the Vi’oky daughter of Anadelle, the talented village herbalist who carried on a lobe affair with a Vi’odalan Druid named Tin’Ashe. Avora learned the herbalist trade and was given increasing responsibility to gather herbs as her mother’s health declined with age.

One day, Avora happened across a badger ensnared in a trap. She freed the badger, and unbeknownst to her, Tin’Ashe was hidden nearby on one of his secret soujourns to see how his daughter was doing. Seeing her compassion and skill with the animal, he approached her as a kindred soul with an innate connection to nature. They began to develop a relationship and Tin’Ashe taught her the ways of the forest and helped her learn to access the primal power of nature. She’s been developing her Druidic magic in secret, though villagers have started to become suspicious of her absences (with more than a few spreading whispers of her virtue being as loose as her mother’s). The presence of an apparently tame badger spending time with her outside the village walls is also very strange.

Aver rarely eats land animals and always gives thanks to the animal’s spirit those few times that she does. The badger often keeps his distance when Avora is out with new people, but will come to side when he feels it necessary. Avora generally does her best to respect the badger’s autonomy as a wild animal and doesn’t treat him like a pet.


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